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Hay Equipment-

      Sickle Mowers-
      IH 1300 3 pt., 9' (Details) SOLD
      IH 1300 3 pt. 7' (Details
      IH 1300 3 pt. 7' (Details)
      IH 1300 3 pt. 9' hydraulic lift (Details) SOLD
      Round balers- 
      New Holland BR7060, net wrap, silage special (Details) SOLD
      Case IH 8420, 39"x54" bale, (Details)
      Case IH 8420, 39"x54" bale SOLD
      John Deere 582, net wrap, silage special (Details) SOLD
      John Deere 457, net wrap, silage special (Details) SOLD
      NH 853 Round Baler (Details

      Square Balers-

      John Deere 100 large square baler with accumulator (Details)

      John Deere 337 with kicker (Details) SOLD

      NH 575 with thrower (Details)

      NH 316 with thrower COMING IN

     John Deere 337 with kicker COMING IN

     John Deere 328 with kicker (Details)

      NH 315 with thrower (Details


     Bale wrappers-
     Frontier LW1166 inline tube wrapper (Details) SOLD
     New Idea 5209 Disbine (Details)
     MF 1359 Discbine (Details)
     Case IH DCX101 Discbine COMING IN 
     Case IH DC102 Discbine (Details)
     JD 926 Discbine (Details)
     JD 936 Discbine (Details)
     JD 916 Discbine (Details) SOLD
     New Holland 472 Haybine (Details
     New Holland 1465 Haybine (Details)
     Hay Rakes/Tedders
     used 2 star tedder (Details)
     New Morra MH540 4 star tedder (Details)
     New Morra 2 star tedder
     Tonutti GT500 4 star tedder (Details) SOLD
     Vicon Fanex 833T 6 star tedder SOLD
     Vicon Andex 423T Rotary Rake (Details) SOLD
     NH 256 Rake  (Details)
     NH 256 Rake (Details
     NH 256 Rake (Details)
     NH 258 Rake (Details)
     NH 258 Rake (Details)
     NH 256 Rake (Details)  
     JD 670 Rake (Details)
Brush Hogs/Finish Mowers- 

     New Brush Hogs
     Kodiak 10' Pull type (Details)

     Used Brush Hogs
     Woods Ditch Bank Mower (Details)
     Woods 3180 Batwing (Details)
     Rhino SD15 Batwing (Details) 
     John Deere MX10 Pull type (Details)
     Woods BW1260 single wing (Details
     Land Pride RCPM2660 Ditch Bank Mower 

      Used Mowers
      Bush Hog RDTH84 7' finsih mower (Details) SOLD
Tillage Equipment-

      Brillion 12' Cultimulcher (Details)
      Brillion M-180 Cultimulcher 15' SOLD
      JD 950 Cultimulcher 12' (Details) SOLD
      Brillion 10' cultpacker (Details) SOLD
      Disc Chisels/Chisel Plows
      Brillion CD-53 5 tooth disc chisel (Details) SOLD

      CIH 475 Hyd Fold 18' Wing Disc (Details) SOLD
      JD 10' RWA (Details)
      JD 14' RWA (Details
      JD 14' Disc
      IH 350, 10' (Details)
      JD RWA 8' (Details) 
      IH 37 10' (Details) SOLD
      Land Pride DH2596 8' 3 pt. (Details)
      JD 110 14' disc (Details) 
      Variety of 1-6 bottom 
      IH 710 5 bottom auto reset (Details)
Planting Equipment- 


       John Deere 7000 4 row narrow, dry fertilizer, no till (Details) SOLD

       Massey Ferguson, 2 Row, 3 pt (Details) SOLD

       JD 246-247 2 row, 3 pt. (Details)

       Land Pride OS1572 (Details)
       Jacobsen 548 power slit seeder (Details) SOLD
       Woods STR72S-2 (Details) SOLD
       Brillion GLP642 (DetailsSOLD
      Tye 10' No-Till Drill (Details)
      CIH 5100 w/ grass seed (Details)
      IH 510 w/ grass seed and broom grass (DetailsSOLD
      IH 5100 w/ grass seed (Details) SOLD
      Tye Pasture Pleaser 7' No-Till Drill with grass seed (Details) SOLD
      Tye 2010 10' No-Till Drill with grass seed SOLD
      Great Plains 10' No-Till drill with grass seed (Details) SOLD
      Lime/Fertilizer spreaders-
      New Idea 101E drop spreader (Details)
      JD 10' drop lime Spreader (Details) SOLD
      Gandy drop spreader (Details) SOLD
      Stoltzfus TVS20 lime spreader (Details) SOLD
      Adams tandem axle lime/fertilizer spreader (Details)
      GVM Transpread 4.5 Lime spreader (Details) SOLD
      Manure Spreaders-  
     Pik Rite 790 Hydra-Ram Manure Spreader (Details
     New Idea 3622 manure spreader (Details) 
     CIH 550 manure spreader (Details) SOLD
     New Idea 360 manure spreader (DetailsSOLD
     New Idea 3739 Tandem manure spreader (DetailsSOLD
     New Holland 155 manure spreader (Details)
     Snow Blowers-
     Buler 9620 double auger, 2 stage, hydraulic spout, 8' wide SOLD

      Combine Heads
      JD 444 Corn Head (Details)
      JD 444 Corn Head (Details)
      JD 643 Corn Head (Details)
      JD 13' Grain Head SOLD
      JD 915 Flex Head (Details) SOLD

       Case IH 2350 SOLD
       IH 2250 (Details)
       IH 2250, utility brackets 
       Westernforf (Details)  SOLD
       IH 2350 

       Loader Brackets
       Case IH 510/520 brackets for 5100/ 5200 series tractors (brackets only)

       Grinder Mixer
      New Holland 354 (Details) SOLD
      New Holland 355 (Details)
      New Holland 355 (Details)
      New Holland 355 (Details
      John Deere 400 (Details)  SOLD
      Case IH 1250 (DetailsSOLD
     New Farmco 4'X24' with dolly wheels
     New Farmco 7'x20' with dolly wheels
     New Farmco 6' x 20' with dolly wheels
     New Round bale Feeder

     6' rear blade, fast hitch
     Bobcat V-plow for skid steer, 7 pin controls SOLD
     Bush Hog 121, 9' Hydraulic Blade (Details)
     JD BL8, 8' Hyd Angle, Skid Steer Q/A (Details)
     JD BL9B 9' Angle Blade Skid Steer Q/A (Details)
     Predator Snow Blade
     Woods HBL96-2 8' Blade (Details

    EZ Trail 500 Grain Cart (Details)
    Ficklin 185 Gravity Wagon (Details)
    Ficklin 213 Gravity Wagon (Details)
    J&M 250 Gravity Wagon (Details)
    New Hay Wagons (Details)
    Parker Gravity Wagon (Details)
    Unverferth Gravity Wagon
    Killbros 12' Auger (Details)
    H&S XL19 forage wagon, 16' with roof (Details) SOLD
    H&S Twin Auger forage wagon, 16' with roof (DetailsSOLD
    SKID STEER ATTACHMENTS (Call for availability)
    New Pallet Forks 48"  (Details)
    New Bale Spears
    Tooth Bar 60" (Details
    SSL Tooth Bucket (Details)
    Used skid loader buckets
    ASV 72" Bucket (Details)
    Brush Hog 6', NEW (Details)
    Landpride 6' HD Skid Steer Brush Hog (Details)
    New Lowe Post Hole Diggers (Details)
   Bobcat V-plow, electric controls (Details)
   Stout 84" Bucket with cutting edge
   Stout 72" Rock/Brush Grapple Bucket (Details)
   Stout 84" Brush Grapple Bucket (Details)  
   Stout 66" Brush Grapple Bucket (Details)
   Stout 96" Snow Bucket (Details)
   Stout Tree/Post Puller (Details
   Tomahawk 84" Snow Bucket (Details)
   Tomahawk 66" Grapple Bucket (Details)
   Tomahawk 78" Root Bucket w/Independent Grapples (Details)

    CIH Magnum & Maxxum suitcase weights
    CIH Maxxum front weight bracket
    IH suitcase weights, 100 lb. & 70 lb.
    IH split rear wheel weights
    IH one piece rear wheel weights
    IH dish wheel weights
   John Deere suitcase weights
   John Deere rear wheel weights
   John Deere Rear Wheel Weights #F1592R (Details)
   John Deere Rear Wheel Weights #A3404R (Details)
   John Deere 10/20 series starter weights
   Bobcat skid steer weights
   MM rear wheel weights
   MF suitcase weights

    Anderson rock picker (Details)
    Woods 1050 3 pt backhoe attachment (Details)
    Hardi TR500G sprayer (Details)
    New Idea 310, One Row Corn Picker (DetailsSOLD
    New Idea 325, 2 row narrow picker, 12 roll bed (Details)
    JD Bale Spear (Details)
    JD Pallet Forks (Details)
    KIllbros 12' Auger (Details) SOLD

    IH Canopy Factory Reproduction (Details)

Various bale spears

Various new and used blades and buckets
New King Kutter post hole diggers
Variety of duals

New Farmco Feeders (Details)
New Woods Batwing mowers
New King Kutter Brush Hogs, Finish Mowers and Rototillers


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